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How to stop living in your head!
Tuesday Jan 14th 2020
What would it be like to find a way to stop living in your head… and listen to your heart or body? So many of us feel dominated and limited by anxious thoughts and overthinking issues, but trying to figure things out with our heads… and yet by doing this we lose touch with our deeper wisdom

This free 60 minute seminar will share some skills and insights from the embodied practice of “Focusing” which is in essence a deep and compassionate listening to our deeper, more bodily knowing.
Radical Welcoming
Thursday Jan 10th 2020
This free 60 minute online seminar will share some insights and practices from and embodied practice known as Focusing. At its core lies a truth that every part of can be welcomed and even has treasure - even what we usually label ugly or egotistical.
What the body knows
Tuesday Sep 10th 2019
The seminar will introduce you to the astounding hidden knowledge of the body. When we speak about inner wisdom - what does that mean? How can we “get out of our head” and listen to our body? What lies beneath the surface and thoughts of daily life? How can we really contact our intuition?

We will explore the many dimensions of this inner knowing we have… and its limitations. We will explore how to access it and keep alive to it in our life. And we explore the many benefits of being more in touch with this dimension of knowing.
The landscapes of grief
Monday July 15th 2019
This seminar will introduce us to the pathways into this landscape and some of the territories we will meet there. We will learn some new ways to both see and meet this land - not from the mind but from the body.

Some of the themes we will touch on
  • What keeps us away from connecting to grief
  • Ways of being with our feelings
  • The five gates of grief
  • The importance of honouring what we have lost
  • What the body knows about grief and why are no fixed paths in grieving
  • Why we need to grieve in community
Breaking Free
Tuesday July 9th 2019
This free 75 minute seminar will open up the inner landscape of these stuck places, so we can finally learn how to free them up and break free.

We will explore the root causes of patterns like addiction and procrastination and find out how to make friends with everything inside us that “stands in the way” of that journey - in fact we will discover there are no enemies inside of you - even in the most tangled areas of our lives.
Facing Reality
Tuesday April 28th 2019
This free online seminar will introduce you to some embodied ways of meeting all the responses that come when we turn our attention to ecological breakdown. We will explore what happens beneath the turning away and denial that we so easily fall into. We will explore how being more in touch with our body and our direct experience can support us in facing what is going on… not just so we can cope but so we can find a creative and courageous response. We will share some tools to help us navigate the unknown waters ahead of us.
Befriending your “avoidance”
Thursday Mar 21st 2019
We all suffer from this very human tendency to avoid difficult situations and feelings. We procrastinate, deny, distract and avoid, and then we give ourselves a hard time for doing this. And so the battle continues. It could be some conflict with a family member, or as big as the current ecological crisis. Something in us avoids it.

What if you had a way to get beneath the battle and completely change your experience of these areas of our life, what if you could be kind to those parts of you that turn away and make allies of them? What if you could learn to be curious about anything…

This free 60 minute seminar will introduce a new way of looking at, exploring and even transforming these stuck areas of our life.
Transforming fear
Everyday tools to live a life beyond fear and anxiety
Tuesday Jan 15th 2019
This free 60 minute online seminar will introduce a life long skill that can help transform feelings of fear and anxiety into allies and helpers. We will learn that we can become bigger than what we are afraid of, and we need not be ruled by them. And we will see that the body has within it not just fear but courage and ability to know how to find freedom.
Facing Ecological Crisis: Embodied skills to help us face ecological crisis
Wednesday Dec 6th 2018
Our way of living is profoundly unsustainable and destroying our collective home - the earth. Climate chaos, biodiversity loss, plastic pollution, deforestation…and the very real possibility of extinction if we do not change our ways.

How can we even begin to face this without feeling overwhelmed ? What feelings and responses does knowing this bring in our body? How might we find a response that is creative, congruent and wholehearted?
The hidden language of the body - Focusing and dreams:
Monday Sep 17th 2018
What can dreams tell us about our life? How can Focusing help with understanding them? Might there be a way to explore them in a new way that brings clarity and change in our lives?
Includes a demonstration.
Intuitive Parenting
Tuesday Sep 11th 2018
This free seminar introduces some of the tools and concepts from the embodied approach of Focusing. Tools that will help us navigate the often difficult and rocky terrain of parenting. We will touch on these themes and more

  • Being bigger than your feelings
  • Listening with empathy (to you and your children)
  • Facing difficulties and triggers
No holding back
Tuesday July 10th 2018
Much of the time, our energy and life is tangled in inner conflict and "avoidance". This free seminar explores how if we turn towards these stuck places in ourselves, we can free up energy and creativity for a more curious, alive and complete life. Some of the topics we touch edon:

  • What holds us back
  • Resources of: presence, metaphor and precision
  • Hidden treasure places: grief, shame, addiction and avoidance
The art of self kindness
Tuesday March 13th 2018
This free seminar shares some gems from an embodied reflective practice known as "Focusing" This practice gives us a way to "be with" our feelings and emotions without being overwhelmed by them and opens up a path to radical self kindness, where we can welcome in and be curious about even the most difficult of experiences.
Turning towards the world
Wednesday January 24th 2018
The world is without doubt in crisis... ecologically, socially and politically. Can we sense something of this in our direct experience? And if so how might we meet that? and how can meet all the feelings and responses that come there? What does Focusing have to offer this huge and often overwhelming situation?
Steps to radical inner change
Tuesday January 16th 2018
Sometimes it seems like it is impossible to change our deepest habits and patterns. Perhaps we long for a different way of living or being but no matter what we do, we never achieve it? Or we make a big change and then rebel against it a few weeks later? How can we find a sustainable and holistic way of making big changes... in small and achievable steps.
Freedom from ego...
Thursday January 11th 2018
The term "ego" is used in so many contexts, most often negatively, like something we should not have or work to get rid of. But is this useful or even true? Might there be a more compassionate way to relate to what we call "ego"..
Navigating a life:
Tuesday 4th April 2017
How can we navigate the myriad decisions of life from a deeper place - not just from scared or driven parts of ourselves. How can we tune into what we deeply value and love and navigate our life from that place?
Facing uncertainty:
Wednesday 8th March 2017
Life presents us with the unknown everyday, in small and sometimes very big ways, and so often we respond with fear, anxiety and withdrawal... and a thousand ways to distract ourselves, but might we find a way of riding the waves of uncertainty with more ease, creativity and aliveness?
Freedom from self criticism:
Monday 6th Feb 2017
Many of us are plagued and crippled by what we call our "inner critic" We ignore it, threaten it, shout at it... but does this really work? We may feel at war with ourselves or at worst self hatred. Can we find a new way to relate to this aspect of human experience? Can we find peace with ourselves.

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