The "shitty first draft" and on being with uncertainty and complexity


I came across this phrase "shitty first draft" from Brené Brown a few weeks ago and it really appealed to me. It captures how our stories about things can be pretty rough and well... shitty, a sketch that bears little resemblance to the actual reality.

A great example of this is perhaps when you turn up to a new event or meeting, and within minutes or shorter we can find ourselves having opinions about others: what kind of person they are, what they think of you... and so on, and this happens without us even speaking to them! Or we see a friend or colleague who is in a dark mood and we think it is to do with us - that we are to blame even. The story jumps in to fill the void of information. Brené Brown reckons this is a trait of our brain and nervous system

"Our brain hates ambiguity and uncertainty, so it makes a simple story. It doesn’t reward accuracy it just wants certainty."


10 ways to use focusing in everday life

How do I use Focusing in my everyday life? or how shuffle play on your iPod/phone can tell you what you need to know!

At first, it may appear that Focusing is a "practice" like many others: Meditation, Yoga etc, but in essence it is a way of being, or an attitude that weaves itself into your life the more you "practice". It becomes a way of navigating our life on many levels, a compass we refer to and a touch stone for our deeper knowing.... Ok enough metaphors!
I wanted to share just a simple list in no particular order of how I use it in my everyday life, to give a flavour of how it can be woven in. Read More...

meeting the edge


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver

When I first learnt Focusing, I was so relieved that it felt safe for me; that I could choose what to say or not to say, that I could go at my own pace, and respect that sense of rightness. At the same time, there was in me I think, something that was very scared and loved staying "in control"... that was mostly out of awareness. This aspect of me (or part of me) more or less ran my life until I was fortunate enough to meet Mac Macartney at Embercombe in Devon. Read More...

Teachings from my 6 year old son.


My son Albie, now 6, is one of my most helpful teachers. Everyday he shows me how much I am really able to listen without judgment or agenda. Or to put it this way, if he detects any amount of judgment or agenda in my way of being with him, he reacts, sometimes strongly! Read More...

the value of not knowing


Since March this year I have been studying on a course co-hosted by Schumacher college in Devon about Nature connection and environmental education. I love being a student or an apprentice, yet and again and again I bump into my ignorance... or not knowing. I don't know one plant from the next, or which compass direction I am facing... and I notice along side this not knowing comes a connected feeling.. a murky sense of "its not ok to not know" or even "you are not ok" . I dig a little deeper and feel a thread that goes way back to school and before perhaps. If this thread had words it would be "you have to know, it's not ok to not know"