Nature connection, Focusing (and photography)

After completing a foundation course (Call of the wild) in Environmental education with Wildwise and Schumacher College in Devon, I'm excited to be exploring the meeting of Focusing, Nature Connection (and photography). Our body is nature, and is not separate from the natural world. Not only can we find wisdom inside our bodies but we can find it in our relationship to nature. As we listen within, we can also listen without. Perhaps like parts of inside call for our attention, the world calls for us to be with it.

Connect with new eyes

Saturday 30th June 10-4pm, Hawkwood, Nr Stroud

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Are you longing to feel more alive, creative and connected to yourself and to the natural world

Do you enjoy photography and want to explore it as away to connect more to the natural world?

Can our smartphone or camera be a source of connection rather than distraction?

Can we use technology to bring us closer to nature?
Through awareness practices, mindfulness, playful explorations, time both together and alone in nature, we will immerse ourselves in the exploration of using photography and our amazing human senses to connect more with the natural world, ourselves, and each other. We will see the extraordinary in the ordinary and experience the opposite of 'snapping away'.

The natural world is both a mirror and a teacher, It can lead us into a profound full experience of both being fully alive and of belonging. Armed with our senses and our cameras/phones we will set out to deepen this connection to the natural world and ourselves

We will start off inside the Round House at Stroud Community Farm in the grounds of Hawkwood College, before going on a gentle walk of less than a mile, through woods and meadows to Folly Wood, a community owned woodland.

The photography side of things will be kept simple, low tech and fun. You can use any device you choose, from a mobile phone, tablet or a digital camera. The workshop is suitable for all abilities and levels of photography experience. As well as improve your photography skills, the workshop will help you improve your every day wellbeing by encouraging you to take notice and become more aware of the beauty that is all around us.
The Facilitators
Ruth is photographer, facilitator, speaker, creative thinker, collaborator and mother.
Her business, Look Again, unites photography, mindfulness and nature to help people slow down, take notice, and see their life, work and world with fresh eyes. She runs mindful photography workshops and training for businesses, charities, social enterprises, universities, schools, as well as for individuals. The benefits include improved health and wellbeing, focus, clarify, motivation, and productivity. Ruth also takes on photography commissions and sells her own photographs.

Ruth has 10 years experience of running photography workshops, as well as being a professional, published and commissioned photographer in her own right.

Peter is a facilitator, speaker and father. His business "Living Focusing” is all about taking awareness into our bodily wisdom with the practice known as Focusing. He has been teaching individuals, groups and also mentoring others to teach since 2005. He is also a qualified Somatic Experiencing practitioner (an embodied approach to healing trauma). He is passionate about sharing accessible and embodied skills that lead to well being, fulfilment and transformation.

More recently he completed a foundation course at Schumacher College (Devon) in environmental education. Ever since an art degree back in the 90’s Peter has been a keen amateur photographer and self confessed compulsive picture taker.
Suitable for: open to anyone
Cost: £75
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Saturday 29th September 11-7pm

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This four day camping retreat explores listening deeply to the sacred gift of your own natural "indigenous" wisdom. This is often where true knowing manifests itself but can easily be forgotten in the midst of our modern cognitive fast paced culture. On this retreat, we will learn how to open to another way of knowing - beneath thoughts and ideas. We will then take this skill to connect more deploy to ourselves, each other and the wisdom of the natural world.

Through reflective practices based on "Focusing" and mindfulness we will open up new doorways to our intuition. The retreat will include solo time in nature, paired and group exercises, just being around an open fire, and simple ceremony to support your explorations.

By the end of the retreat you will:
  • Have learnt some new skills to listen to your body
  • Know how to meet parts of yourself that "block" the process
  • Met the natural world , not from your mind but with your body.
  • Have found doorways to intuitive knowing
  • Touched a sense of interconnectedness in your body and life
  • Exclusive use of a beautiful woodland and wild flower meadow near Bristol
  • 10 freshly prepared, healthy and delicious meals, all cooked over the fire
  • Practices based on focusing led by
  • A very special co-created banquet with stories under the stars
  • Guided mindfulness and Qi Gong movement sessions to bring you back into balance
  • A variety of multi-sensory exercises to rekindle wonder and deepen your connection with the natural world
  • Space to connect with fellow retreaters and make meaningful friendships in a short space of time
  • 4 day digital detox – phones locked safely away
  • Comprehensive insurance
Co-faciltated by Andy Raingold from "Change in nature"
Suitable for:
open to anyone, beginners and for anyone who knows focusing also.
Cost: From £220 upwards
All places are camping places. You can bring your now gear or hire some from Change in Nature.
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