All Focusing Workshops, Retreats and Events 2017

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6th Feb, 7.30pm
Freedom from self criticism - free online seminar
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21st February
Freedom from self criticism course starts. Cheltenham
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25th-26th February
Introductory weekend: West London
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8th March. 7.30pm
Facing uncertainty: Free online seminar
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18th-19th March
Introductory weekend: Bristol
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4th April, 7.30pm
Navigating a life: Free online seminar
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22nd-23rd April
Introductory weekend: Shrewsbury
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26th April. 7.15pm
Navigating a life: online course begins
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10th-11th June
The interconnected body: Focusing and interconnectedness
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17th-18th June
Introductory weekend: Brighton
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1st-2nd July
Workshop 2: A companion on the journey. Bristol
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30th August
The secret language of the body: Free online seminar on Focusing and dreams
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4th September
Online skills course begins: Evening course
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7th September
Online skills course begins: Daytime course
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16th-17th September
Workshop 3: A helping hand. Bristol
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26th September
Deep listening: Free talk in Stroud.
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21st-22nd October
Workshop 4: Untangling the knots. Bristol
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30th October
The dreaming body: online course
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1st November
Deep listening: Five week course begins, Stroud
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12th November
Deep listening: Day workshop, Nailsworth
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25th-26th November
Workshop 5: The path to wholeness. Bristol