Free talks exploring how listening to your body can change your life….

Radial acceptance - how everything inside of you is on your side

Wednesday 24th October, 7.30-8.30pm. Gold Room, Centre for Science and Art, Lansdown Rd, GL5 1BB

Are you "at war" with yourself? or find it hard to accept aspects of yourself? Do your inner critics get the better of you? Are there feelings you wish you never had?

and would you like to be at peace with yourself, harnessing all your feelings and energies?

The embodied practice known as ‘Focusing’ gives us a trustworthy way of finding deep acceptance and compassion towards every feeling inside. It is a gentle yet powerful skill that can bring compassion and curiosity to even the most tricky aspects of ourself. Once learnt, we will no longer have to be at war with any part of us…. and we can even discover the treasure these parts hold. Our body knows the way if we learn to listen….

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