Free online seminars exploring how listening to your body can change your life.


Freedom from ego...
The term "ego" is used in so many contexts, most often negatively, like something we should not have or work to get rid of. But is this useful or even true? Might there be a more compassionate way to relate to what we call "ego".. and is there an ego after all? Join me in this free seminar exploring a fresh perspective on an old enemy! What does your body wisdom know about all of this?

Thursday 11th January 2018, 10.00am GMT


Steps to radical inner change

Sometimes it seems like it is impossible to change our deepest habits and patterns. Perhaps we long for a different way of living or being but no matter what we do, we never achieve it? Or we make a big change and then rebel against it a few weeks later? How can we find a sustainable and holistic way of making big changes... in small and achievable steps.

Tuesday 16th January 2018, 7.30pm GMT


Turning towards the world
The world is without doubt in crisis... ecologically, socially and politically. Can we sense something of this in our direct experience? And if so how might we meet that? and how can meet all the feelings and responses that come there? What does Focusing have to offer this huge and often overwhelming situation?

Wednesday 24th January 2018, 7.30pm GMT

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