Free online seminars exploring how listening to your body can change your life.

I have no free seminars right now but more will be coming soon. Check out the recordings from previous seminars meanwhile.

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No holding back!

Do you sense that your life is not yet expressing your deepest values and inspirations?
Do you want to make changes in yourself and the world but keep getting stuck?
Do you avoid or find it hard to turn towards life's challenges with creativity and kindness?

Much of the time, our energy and life is tangled in inner conflict and "avoidance". This free seminar will explore how if we turn towards these stuck places in ourselves, we can free up energy and creativity for a more curious, alive and complete life. Some of the topics we will touch on:

  • What holds us back
  • Resources of: presence, metaphor and precision
  • Hidden treasure places: grief, shame, addiction and avoidance

Tuesday 10th July 7.30-8.30pm

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Intuitive parenting

Do you struggle with knowing what to do in parenting?
Crowded out by opinions and feelings?
Finding it hard to simply listen and connect to your children?

This free seminar will introduce some of the tools and concepts from the embodied approach of Focusing. Tools that will help us navigate the often difficult and rocky terrain of parenting. We will touch on these themes and more

  • Being bigger than your feelings
  • Listening with empathy (to you and your children)
  • Facing difficulties and triggers

Tuesday 11th Sep 10.30-11.30am

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The hidden language of dreams

What can dreams tell us about our life?
How can Focusing help with understanding them?
Might there be a way to explore them in a new way that brings clarity and change in our lives?

Every night, our body "speaks" to us in dreams, and in a language very close to the one in Focusing. If we take the skills of Focusing to our dreams stories, we can find a new ways to understand and decipher this mysterious and wise language.

Includes a demonstration of Focusing with a dream.

Monday 17th Sep 7.30-9pm

All seminars are held on "Zoom": an online video platform. which is free. Download here and register below.

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