Free online seminars and events exploring how listening to your body can change your life.

I have no free seminars right now but more will be coming soon. Check out the recordings from previous seminars meanwhile, and sign up to my mailing list below to keep in touch.

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*What the body knows*

“Your body is not a machine, rather a wonderfully intricate interaction with everything around you, which is why it "knows" so much just in being.” E Gendlin.

The 60 minute free seminar will introduce you to the astounding hidden knowledge of the body. When we speak about inner wisdom - what does that mean? How can we “get out of our head” and listen to our body? What lies beneath the surface and thoughts of daily life? How can we really contact our intuition?

We will explore the many dimensions of this inner knowing we have… and its limitations. We will explore how to access it and keep alive to it in our life. And we explore the many benefits of being more in touch with this dimension of knowing.

Open to anyone

Tuesday 10th September 7-8pm, BST.

All seminars are held on "Zoom": an online video platform. which is free. Download here and register on the page linked below

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