Free online seminars and events exploring how listening to your body can change your life.

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Radical welcoming
How every part of you is worthy of acceptance.

It’s so easy to think that by pushing away the feelings we don’t like we make ourselves feel better. Or that if we dismiss or ignore aspects of ourselves, they will go away. But it doesn’t work!

This free 60 minute online seminar will share some insights and practices from and embodied practice known as Focusing. At its core lies a truth that every part of can be welcomed and even has treasure - even what we usually label ugly or egotistical. Our topics will include:

  • How to approach parts we don’t like
  • Why everything inside needs acceptance
  • The paradox of how change happens
  • Practical tools to foster self acceptance.

Open to anyone

Thursday 9th January 7-8pm GMT

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How to stop living in your head (& be at home in your body)

What would it be like to find a way to stop living in your head… and listen to your heart or body? So many of us feel dominated and limited by anxious thoughts and overthinking issues, but trying to figure things out with our heads… and yet by doing this we lose touch with our deeper wisdom

This free 60 minute seminar will share some skills and insights from the embodied practice of “Focusing” which is in essence a deep and compassionate listening to our deeper, more bodily knowing.

We will explore these topics and more:

  • The limitations of “living in our heads”
  • How to pause and open to the body
  • New perspectives and tools around troubling and anxious thoughts
  • What the body knows
  • How to listen to the body

Open to anyone!

January 14th 7-8pm GMT

Thursday 9th January 7-8pm GMT

All seminars are held on "Zoom": an online video platform. which is free. Download here and register on the page linked below

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