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The landscapes of grief

There is no cure for grief, or a way to live without it. As Francis Weller puts it “everything we love we will lose” … yet so often we turn away from this truth. How can we meet this inescapable landscape in a way that can enrich our life and open our hearts?

This free seminar will introduce us to the pathways into this landscape and some of the territories we will meet there. We will learn some new ways to both see and meet this land - not from the mind but from the body.

Some of the themes we will touch on
  • What keeps us away from connecting to grief
  • Ways of being with our feelings
  • The five gates of grief
  • The importance of honouring what we have lost
  • What the body knows about grief and why are no fixed paths in grieving
  • Why we need to grieve in community

So modern people are not bad or lost. They are stuck in a blast furnace of banality where all of that technology and so-called advancement have been purchased at the price of losing the most basic of human prerogatives: the art of being deliciously out of control to grieve their dead. It is a terrible source of grief in itself not to be able to grieve". ~Martin Prechtel, The Smell of Rain on Dust~”

Open to anyone

Monday 15th July7-8.15pm BST

All seminars are held on "Zoom": an online video platform. which is free. Download here and register on the page linked below

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