Online mini courses - NEW for 2018!

Who is this for?
Anyone! You do not need to know about Focusing to take part.
How are these taught?
These courses are held on a video conferencing platform called zoom. It is free to use as a participant, although you will be required to download and install software, and register. You can use a smartphone, tablet or computer. A headset is useful but not essential.
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The inner compass
How can we use the skills from Focusing to help us with decisions? Maybe you struggle with everyday choices around what to do or what to eat? Maybe you find it hard to make big decisions? Maybe you struggle with doubt and critical voices?

For many years I have been using Focusing to help me make decisions. These might be everyday decisions about what needs doing with my work or parenting or with bigger life changing decisions, such as trainings or moving house. My body always knows something more about what next! This short online course (6 hours of learning) will explore using Focusing in the realm of decision making.

Some of the skills and topics we will explore:

  • Pausing and sensing into decisions
  • What you body knows and what it doesn't!
  • Ways to explore decisions in Focusing
  • Welcoming all the voices and "opinions" that come
  • Finding the right way for the whole of you!

Course starts January 31st, 10-11.30am GMT. Four Thursday mornings. Costs £65.
Pay with paypal
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Everyday Focusing
How can you navigate your daily life in connection to your deeper values and knowing. How can we stop and check inside to see if something feels right? How can we not get taken over by a part of us?

Focusing is not just something we do in a formal way: it is a skill or way of being that can infuse your everyday life. One the last few years I have been exploring how to bring the tools and philosophy of Focusing into my everyday experience - to feel it in my bones so to speak.

Some of the skills and topics we will explore:

  • The art of pausing and checking
  • Learning to see who is 'driving" your life
  • Carrying all of your parts with you
  • Emergency self empathy!
  • Intuitive knowing

Course starts April 10th, 7.15-8.45pm GMT. Four Tuesday evenings Costs £65.
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Conscious and intuitive parenting

Do you struggle with knowing what to do in parenting? Crowded out by opinions and feelings? Finding it hard to simply listen and connect to your children?

This four week course is a treasure trove of tools and concepts to help you find a more loving, creative and intuitive response to what family life can throw at you. It brings together tools from Body based approaches such as Focusing and mindfulness and recent learnings from empathic parenting techniques, offering simple, everyday practices for you and your family.

Some of the themes we will cover
  • Being bigger than your feelings
  • Listening with empathy (to you and your children)
  • Facing difficulties and triggers
  • Finding resources and support
  • Trusting your own path

Facilitated by: Peter Gill and Kirsty Pakes

Kirsty is trained as a Clinical Psychologist specialising in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. She is also a Focusing Practitioner, Focusing-Oriented Therapist and Mindfulness Teacher. She is currently training with a parenting organisation called Hand in Hand to be one of their instructors. Hand in Hand’s approach is known as Parenting by Connection and uses wise and effective tools to foster your attachment with your child and their emotional well-being. Kirsty has a 6 year old daughter and a 3 year old son. She is passionate about both Focusing and Parenting, and feels that Focusing has given her the building blocks to create an emotionally attuned and compassionate relationship with herself and in turn with her children.

Course starts September 18th, 10.30-12am GMT Four tuesday mornings. Costs £65.
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Frequently asked questions about my mini courses

How many people attend?
Usually somewhere between 6 and 10 people.
Do you offer concessions?
Yes, please do get in touch with me to ask about concessions. I do not have a specific rate - it is worked out individually with you.
Will the course be recorded if I miss a session?
Yes, as long as all the participants are happy for this to happen.

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