BFA Focusing Skills Certificate

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In 2019 I am offering this course in weekend workshops in Bristol and online
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The BFA Focusing skills certificate is a complete and thorough foundation course in the art and skills of Focusing and Listening. It starts with any introductory workshop, day or course. In total it comprises of ten days of experiential learning (or the equivalent number of hours) The emphasis of the course is using Focusing with oneself. The course can be covered through weekends, courses or one to one learning. Each workshop covers a theme and there is some flexibility with the order in which they are taken. More details on each weekend is found below. Completing the certificate enables you to apply for further professional training.
Bristol workshops:
Introductory weekends cost £135 each
Workshops 2-5 cost £135 each (or £480 if you book all workshops 2-5)

Online courses:
Introductory courses cost £120
Workshops 2-5 cost £110 each (or £400 if you book all workshops 2-5)
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This workshop, courses and day is an ideal way to learn Focusing. They are a mixture of practice, teaching and informal discussion. Usually participants will practise Focusing in pairs or in small groups, with plenty of time for questions and discussion. Explore how to:

  • Live a life full of curiosity
  • Tune into your inner wisdom
  • Meet yourself and others with kindness and openness
  • Be with and understand strong emotion
  • Find what truly feels right for you and your life
  • Connect more deeply to yourself, others, and the world…

Some of the skills you will learn:

  • Develop the key qualities of curiosity, interest and inner kindness
  • Be safe and respectful with yourself and others in Focusing
  • The steps of the Focusing journey
  • Develop self-compassion
  • How to practise Focusing on your own
  • How to practise Focusing with someone else
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The essence of this workshop is exploring the role of the listening or companion in Focusing and learning how we can support the focuser with supportive and sensitive listening. Skills and topics include:

  • Listening skills
  • Listening principles and practice
  • Dwelling at the edge - the place of transformation
  • The felt sense
  • Deepening "Facilitative Language"
  • Inner invitations that deepen your empathy
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This workshop introduces the skills of Guiding or reminding. Here the companion learns how to offer suggestions that deeply and safely support the Focusing process: Skills and topics include

  • Guiding skills
  • Self-Guiding
  • Guiding Principles: How and when to offer suggestions and reminders
  • Helping the focuser stay present when they get stuck
  • Deeper Listening
  • Exploring the felt sense
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What happens when we meet something difficult or blocked in Focusing or our life? This workshop is all about that inevitable moment! We will explore the territory of tangled and blocked areas. Skills and topics include:

  • Developing grounding
  • Inner visitors and guests in Focusing
  • Dynamics of the inner world
  • Guiding skills with tangled areas
  • How to meet and empathise with critical Voices
  • Meeting your "safety guardians"
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On this final workshop we will explore themes that bring the whole series together. How is Focusing is a path to integration and “wholeness? How come we become split off and divided or tangled? We will explore some of the theory of Focusing and will take some time to explore and play with using Focusing with more uplifting themes such as Spirituality or poetry and art. Topics include

  • Focusing and Spirituality
  • Living from "self-in-presence"
  • What is wholeness
  • Gendlin's key concepts in Focusing
  • Radical acceptance
Frequently asked questions about the BFA Focusing Skills course

Can I book single workshops?
Yes, although it depends on what your previous experience is. Some workshops make much more sense when taken in series.
Can I miss a workshop?
Yes, if you miss a workshop in the series, you can either take it with me at another time, or go through it in one to one sessions, or take it with another focusing teacher.
If I book all four at the discounted price - can I pay in instalments?
Yes. You can pay a deposit for each workshop and then the remainder at each workshop. The discounted price offers and incentive to commit to all four workshops but you do not have to pay for it in one go.
How do I book

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