How I work?

What happens in a session?
  • You will be seated opposite me in a comfortable chair.
  • You will be asked to share your own observations of how you feel in the here-and-now.
  • We will work together to find things in your life and in your present-moment experience that bring well-being, ease and safety.
  • We will gently explore a present symptom or something that is bothering you in a fresh and embodied way.
  • My role is to support you in being with your body and experience without interpretation or analysis.
  • I might offer suggestions of how and where you might take your attention.
  • I may offer instructions and offer ideas of how to be with what is happening.
  • You will not be asked to relive your trauma or even to tell your story (though we may work with small and manageable aspects of what happened).
  • I may bring in some practical tools from Focusing.

Your sense of rightness and safety will guide the session.

What you might notice.
  • Moving from feeling stressed to feeling more relaxed and open.
  • Physical and emotional releases, sometimes subtle, sometimes strong.
  • Body sensations such as trembling and shaking are usual and are a sign of energy releasing.
  • Memories and insightful understandings might arise, which give you new perspectives on your situation

In the longer term, SE hopes to not only ease symptoms and release us from the limiting patterns of trauma held in the body, but aims to help revitalise and restore what has been lost through trauma.

Some skills you might learn:
  • Finding ways to feel ease and safety in everyday life.
  • How to “be with” strong emotion.
  • How to recognise triggers that cause symptoms and respond differently.
  • How to "contain" and hold your experience without needing to run away or act unconsciously.
  • How to be with bodily sensation that feels unfamiliar and difficult.

What I offer

It is essential to have an initial consultation to see if SE and my approach feel right to you. We can do this on the phone or in person, and it usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes

There, or at a later time, I suggest a taster session. In this way you can see what an SE session is like and get a better sense of how I work.

After this, I suggest booking a few sessions to allow the process to unfold. Three or six is a good start. Weekly or fortnightly works well, but it is up to you. There are no rules.

A consultation is free

Taster sessions are £35 and last 45 minutes

Full sessions are £50 or £135 for three. They last an hour to one hour and 15 minutes

Contact me to arrange a consultation or to ask more

A little more about what I offer...
I offer support and skills to work with and release trauma symptoms largely through self-awareness. If we find that a more hands-on approach is needed, I can help you find an appropriate practitioner.

SE is a short-term approach, and this is what I offer. If you sense you need a long-term therapeutic relationship, I can help you find someone.