Going deeper

The online Focusing skills certificate is a complete and thorough foundation course in the art and skills of Focusing and listening. Once you have completed any introductory event, you can join the course. It comprises of four modules. Each module consists of five, two hour sessions over five weeks. There will also be partnership practice between sessions with other participants.

They will take place using “Zoom”, a free online video conferencing platform. There will be a maximum of 6 people on the course, enabling a more intimate training. More details on the content for each module is found below.

On these modules you will learn how to:
  • Listen with sensitivity and subtlety
  • Support the Focuser in difficult places
  • Listen to how the body “speaks”
  • Give suggestions and reminders to your Focuser
  • Find out where change and forward movement come from
  • Be with difficult and tangled issues
  • Be with critical and judgmental voices
  • Develop space for wholeness, healing and integration

Download the flyer for the BFA Focusing skills course online

Costs: £100 per module = £400 for the whole course. This can be paid per module, in a single payment or other instalment plans are available.

Daytime course. 10-12am.
Module 2: Thursday September 7th.
Module 3: Thursday November 9th.
Module 4: Thursday January 18th 2018.
Module 5: Thursday 1st March 2018
Book all four modules for £400 or pay a deposit of £80

Other online special themed Workshops 2017

My other advanced workshops stand alone and are not part of the BFA skills series. They explore special interest themes and topics such as Focusing with dreams, decision making or self acceptance. They are open to anyone who has done at least 2 days of training in Focusing and Listening.

6th Sep - 4th Oct 2017
The dreaming body: Exploring dreams with Focusing: 5 week course.
Venue: Online through zoom
What can dreams tell us about our life? How can Focusing help with understanding them? Might there be a way to explore them in a new way that brings clarity and change in our lives?
Focusing is all about listening to what the body has to say about our life, but every night something similar happens with our dreams. Something in us (the body/the dream maker) gives us rich, mysterious and powerful symbols, telling us not just about our life situation but how we might carry those situations forward.

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