on changing my name....

'You know, the only method that works is the braille method: we have to just feel our way along, from moment to moment, to what we need, to what’s appropriate for us... Trust yourself. You shouldn’t believe a word we say. You’re just abusing yourself if you give yourself away in that manner. If something that is said resonates with your heart, how do you think you know? I mean, if you appreciate – you hear someone speaking and you say ‘Wow, they’ve really got it!’ How do you know if they’ve got it? It’s because you are the truth. And when a truth is spoken, it resonates with that place inside of you that is truth. Trust that place. That is the Teacher. Don’t be ‘a Buddhist’, don’t be ‘a Hindu’, don’t be ‘a Christian’ – be a human being on their way to their immensity. Don’t ‘know.’ Only use what’s useful... The heart will find its balance. The heart will find its way.' Stephen Levine, 'An Exploration of Healing into Life and Death'

Well.... here we are. Nearly twenty years after being given the name Manjudeva within the now called Triratna Buddhist Order, I am now leaving that Order and returning to my birth name Peter. The above quote, which I love - expresses a lot of it. For many years, I have simply not felt whole hearted with the Triratna Buddhist community. It does not bring me alive enough anymore for me to be happy to identify with it. It does not resonate with me - to use a focusing way of looking at it. In fact the whole business of "identification" as one thing or another - kind of troubles me.

You must learn one thing:
the world was made to be free in.

From " Sweet darkness" by David Whyte

Exactly....For me, it no longer fits to call myself a Buddhist in any exclusive way. I still find meaning and significance in the Buddha's teachings and also find wisdom and truth in many other peoples and traditions. And it would be important to say, none of this is a criticism of anyone, or the meaning they might get from Buddhism (or anything else) We each find a path and an "identity" that feels right and I totally respect and believe that. There is lots more I can say, and may well do in time but for now it's farewell Manju and welcome Peter.

For those who want to read my official letter of resignation please contact me and I'll be happy to send you a copy.
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